Folding canapé

For the Perfimueble folding canapé, it offers its range of legs. The quality of our profiles guarantees a perfect adaptability to the set, our quality / price ratio in this product is optimal. We invite you to meet her.

Molding for double bedroom

Well producing headboards, footboards, table trim, closet or dresser, of course going through the bed stringers, Perfimueble dresses the bedroom elegantly generating class details to its most intimate surroundings.

Molding for youth bedroom

For youth bedrooms, these details become more evident in the color they introduce, bringing fantasy to the children’s room.


Exact adjustment in a harmonic set.

With a careful completion, Perfimueble is able to provide a product of proven quality and visibly optimal final result.


The Perfimueble frieze model will dress your wall of elegance, giving your habitat extra charm. There are very lively options, full of color for the environment of the little ones, or on the contrary more sober alternatives if you wish for offices, any room in a home finds the right solution with the Perfimueble frieze.

Molding for living room

Stackable, boiserie, modular … whatever the style, modern or classic, the functionality, the tone, its dimensions, or any of the variants that exist, Perfimueble has the product so that it differs from the generalized trend. The molding brings that distinctive touch that will identify and reach the public.

Table legs

We offer a wide range of colors, shapes, materials and prices to apply to our table legs.

Skirting board

The Perfimueble skirting range is the ideal complement, accompany it to any type of wooden floor, the platform you need is completed with the Perfimueble skirting board as the same unit, a team within the set of your habitat that will make a home more comfortable.

We have more than two hundred colors waiting to provide you with the solution you don’t find with the usual market samples.

Bed beams

Our star product for export will not leave you indifferent. We have a complete production line for stringers specially developed for the European market. The flexibility in the measures, colors and machining make our offer the definitive solution to decorate the box spring and articulated bed.