About us...

Perfimueble S.L. started out as a moulding manufacturer in 1995, and constant adaptation and evolution since then has placed us as a leading specialist furniture company, offering a wide range of practical products and services for our customers.
We only manufacture for professionals..

Folding canapé

For the canapé leg the shape, measure, color and machining can be designed according to customer parameters. Its customization is complete.

Molding for double bedroom

We dress the bedroom with elegance generating class details to its most intimate surroundings.

Molding for children’s bedroom

For children’s bedrooms, these details stand out even more for the colour they bring, adding a touch of fantasy to a child’s room.


With a careful completion, we provide a product of proven quality and visibly optimal final result.


There are very lively options, full of color, or on the contrary more sober alternatives, any room finds the right solution with the frieze.

Bed beams

Flexibility in measurements, colors and machining make our offer the definitive solution to decorate the bed base and articulated bed.

Table legs

We offer a wide range of colors and prices on our table legs.

Skirting board

We have more than two hundred colors waiting to provide you with the solution you don’t find with the usual market samples.

Molding for living Room

Whatever the style, modern or classic, the functionality, the tone, its dimensions, or any of the variants that exist, we have the product to set it apart from the general trend.



Apart from the products described above, Perfimueble S.L. also offers different services that adapt perfectly to the needs of the consumer.


In the dynamics marked by our expansion policy, we set the objective of being present in new markets and sectors.

For the contract sector we offer solutions to hotels and companies that equip them in the form of bed headboards, mirror frames, reed frames, skirting boards, friezes, closet doors, windows, led cornices…

There are many works that support us over the last years, being chosen by our clients to decorate some of the main hotel chains.


For the equipment of commercial establishments we have a customized product, adjusting to the client’s demand in terms of materials and finishes.

Leading international fashion brands have an interior image in their stores with details made in Perfimueble. We dress the premises with wood and designs adapted to your requirements.


We can veneer the tops of your custom moulding or the edges of your boards, our veneer range offers a consistently high quality finish.


The perfect balance of quality and consistency. In our varnished range, we offer a wide range of first-class polyacrylic and polyurethane finishes, the product of our great experience in this type of work. The colour range and shine are guaranteed from the first to the last piece, from the first to the last order, always consistent and always to the client’s specifications.


If you require a fully finished material, we have two machining lines for all types of drilling, grooving or cutting work. The doors, windows and drawer fronts will be finished with the machining for handles and hinges, this can also be done for bed beams, shelves, table legs, varnished handles or any other item you need.